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Natural Gas Appliances

Naturally Affordable. Naturally Comfortable.

For more information on the purchase, installation or repair of natural gas appliances, please call 1-877-279-3636 (Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or complete our  Discover Natural Gas form.

Residential Water Heating BrochureNatural Gas Water Heaters (tank and tankless)<

Natural gas water heaters:
  • Cost significantly less to operate than electric and propane models 
  • Heat water twice as fast as electric models 
  • Provide plenty of hot water for your home and family 
  • Operate during power outages (most models)
  • Use half the energy of comparable electric models
  • Emit half the CO2 greenhouse gases compared to electric models
Compare the costs*:
Water Heating
Electric:            $504
Natural Gas:    $201
Savings:           $303
  Water Heating
Propane:          $729
Natural Gas:    $201
Savings:           $528
Piedmont Natural Gas is pleased to feature Rinnai and State water heaters. Choose the model that fits your home and lifestyle. Click the brochure image to the right to learn more. 

Natural Gas Grills
Expand your outdoor living space with a natural gas grill or outdoor kitchen.

  • No tank to fill 
  • Year-round outdoor cooking 
  • Continues to operate during a power outage
Piedmont Natural Gas is pleased to feature Broilmaster and Napoleon grills.

Natural Gas Lights
Experience the soft glow of natural gas lights for walkways, patios, pool areas and entrances.

Natural gas lights:
  • Provide added security
  • Don’t require electricity
  • Do not attract insects
Piedmont Natural Gas is pleased to feature lights from American Gas Lamp Works.

Natural Gas Logs
Natural gas offers the perfect opportunity to turn any backyard, deck or patio into a year-round living space. Adding natural gas logs or a natural gas fire pit means you can enjoy this space for longer, perhaps even throughout the fall and winter months. Here are some other advantages of natural gas logs:
  • Supplemental heating source
  • No wood to haul 
  • No hot coals or mess to clean up 
  • Continues to operate during a power outage

Piedmont Natural Gas is pleased to feature natural gas logs from:

Natural Gas Space Heating
Natural gas space heating systems are environmentally responsible and offer convenience, comfort, efficiency and reliability. Natural gas furnaces:

  • Cost less money to operate than electric and propane models
  • Provide heat that is up to 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump 
  • Are more affordable to operate than electric, fuel oil and propane models 
  • Last longer and are more efficient
Compare the costs*:
Home Heating
Electric:            $866
Natural Gas:    $494
Savings:           $372
  Home Heating
Propane:          $1,808
Natural Gas:    $   494
Savings:           $1,314

Additional information about natural gas furnaces:

High-efficiency natural gas furnaces, hydro-heating, thru-the-wall heating units and radiant floor-heating systems provide enhanced design flexibility with reliable and warm space heating.
  • Warm, consistent heat regardless of outside temperature
  • Efficient and clean 
  • Flexible installation options
  • Preserves valuable floor space
Automatically adjust temperatures when you are asleep or away with a programmable thermostat that could save you up to 20 percent on energy bills.
  • Conserves energy
  • Saves on heating bills
  • Lowers cost
Increase home-heating efficiency with natural gas space-heating technologies designed for the best use of our natural resources.
  • Up to 97 percent efficient 
  • Emits 40 percent less carbon emissions than an electric heat pump 
  • Reduces nitrous oxide emissions by 55 percent and all but eliminates sulfur oxide emissions
Natural Gas Ranges
Natural gas ranges are more efficient than similar electric ranges, with a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. Natural gas ranges:
  • Cost less money to operate than electric and propane models
  • Offer even heat and temperature
  • Turn on instantly and heat up faster
  • Offer precise temperature control and even heat distribution 
Natural Gas Generators
Rely on a standby generator powered by natural gas. It’s able to turn on immediately during a power outage to keep refrigerators, heating/air conditioning units and lights on.
  • Good for power outages
  • No fuel to store 
  • No fumes 
  • Better for the environment than gasoline or diesel fuel 
  • Available in various sizes to accommodate every need
Appliance sales, installation, maintenance and repair are services provided through Piedmont’s “Service Plus” program. Work performed through Service Plus is not included in the services offered by Piedmont Natural Gas that are regulated by the utilities commissions in North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee.


  • Rates are based on a 3-state average for June 2015 (Natural Gas=$0.75/therm, Electric=$0.099/kWh, Propane=$2.50/gallon)
  • Annual consumption analysis based on Piedmont's website tool "Appliance/Equipment Comparison Calculator"; powered by Apogee Interactive, Inc.
  • Data is based on a 1,800-square-foot home with family of four
  • Estimates generated are based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the geographic location, predicted weather and usage trends. Results are estimates only, and may be different from actual usage or actual bill amounts; other variables may dictate the amount of the actual energy bill
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