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Contractors, Dealers & Residential Builders

Looking for a Contractor or Equipment Dealer?
Through our Gas Advantage Program, Piedmont partners with contractors and equipment dealers who are certified to provide our customers with a high level of expertise and support. If Piedmont is ever unable to provide you with a product, installation or service, we will refer you to one of these professionals.

Click on the link below to access a database of the qualified contractors and equipment dealers located in your area.

Are You an HVAC Contractor or Equipment Dealer? Want to Become a Piedmont Partner?
The Gas Advantage Program

If you’re already part of our Gas Advantage Program for contractors and equipment dealers, you can use the link below to access the tools and resources Piedmont has made available to you. If you are a contractor or equipment dealer interested in becoming a Piedmont partner and joining the Gas Advantage Program, follow the link and look for the Gas Advantage Agreement.

Are You a Builder?

If you are a builder and would like to place an order for underground service or have questions about natural gas availability or appliances, please follow the link below.

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